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Document Type(s):Journal Article
Article/Chapter Title:From the Gardens of the Qur'an to the Gardens of Lahore
Journal Title:Landscape Research
Author(s):Wescoat Jr., James L.
Date of Publication:1995
Annotation:Observing the emphasis in Mughal studies on the physical attributes of gardens and paradise, Wescoat hopes to further the study of landscape and religion with his exploration of the relationship between aesthetics and theology. Drawing on Qur’anic garden references, he investigates not only garden form but also the faith and conduct that admits humans into the Garden. Wescoat focuses his attention on the gardens of Lahore, distinguishing between Mughal and Sufi shrine gardens. While the former is exemplative of Qur’anic descriptions of paradise, the latter is an example of the theological meaning of paradise because of its ability to stimulate religious experience.
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