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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Managing Solid Wastes in Developing Countries
Article/Chapter Title:Metropolitan Solid Waste Management in India
Editor(s):Holmes, John R
Author(s):Nath, K J
Publisher Name:John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
Place of Publication:New York, N.Y.
Date of Publication:1984
Annotation:In this critical and constructive analysis of current systems of managing solid waste in Indian metropolitan areas, Nath argues that the inadequacies of current systems are due to a fundamental lack of resources and the failure to develop techniques of waste management that are suited to the particular environmental and social conditions of these locations. He concludes by making recommendations for more efficient and safe methods of urban solid waste management and refers to a pilot study done in the Calcutta Metropolitan District in which appropriate designs, technology, management collection, and transportation procedures have generated a cost-effective system with higher levels of human and environmental protection.
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