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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Worldviews and Ecology
Article/Chapter Title:The Ecological Fallout of Islamic Creation Theology
Editor(s):Tucker, Mary Evelyn; Grim, John
Author(s):Timm, Roger E.
Publisher Name:Bucknell University Press
Place of Publication:Lewisburg, Pa.
Date of Publication:1993
Annotation:Timm asserts that the sovereignty of Allah in Islamic creation theology is fundamental to any hermeneutic on the role and duties of human vicegerency (stewardship). He challenges the widespread opinion that monotheistic creation theologies implicitly support exploitation of the environment. He finds that socioeconomic and colonial factors, such as poverty and the influx of Western science and technology with its concomitant secularization, account for the environmental degradation found in contemporary Islamic countries.
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