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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Proceedings of the First International Rangeland Congress
Article/Chapter Title:Islamic Law as a Factor in Grazing Management: the Pilgrimage Sacrifice
Author(s):Stewart, Philip J.
Publisher Name:Proceedings of the First International Rangeland Congress
Date of Publication:1978
Annotation:Stewart searches for a religiously informed management strategy which would relieve the stress of large flocks of livestock on sensitive lands during Muslim holy times. He describes contemporary problems such as the lack of diversity in livestock due to a focus on the numbers of sacrificial animals, the problems of human population increase coupled with the breakdown of extended families producing more heads of household and therefore more stock per unit area, and the expansion of grazing lands into forests and agriculture lands. Stewart concludes by offering technical solutions such as improving range management, reducing flock size to only sacrificial animals, improved marketing, and conserving meat to spread out the period of availability. He also suggests religious solutions, however admittedly out of his field, by drawing on the Qur'an, Hadiths, and the history of Islamic law in which he finds the possibility of reducing the number of people obligated to make an animal sacrifice under Qur'anic law.
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