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Document Type(s):Book
Book Title:Journey through the Twelve Forests: An Encounter with Krishna
Author(s):Haberman, David
Publisher Name:Oxford University Press
Place of Publication:New York, N.Y.
Date of Publication:1994
Annotation:In this study of the Ban-Yatra pilgrimage in the land of Braj in north-central India, Haberman uses textual and ethnographic research methods to “to explore the experiential effects of the Ban-Yatra and to weigh the implications of this circular journey for current theories of pilgrimage” (p viii). Challenging depictions of Hinduism as a religion of renunciation, he describes the Ban-Yatra as “a celebration of nature” and refers to its underlying “environmental theology” in which the natural world of Braj is affirmed as divine. Providing four different perspectives, he discusses the history of the Braj and the Ban-Yatra; the experience and structure of the pilgrimage; theories of pilgrimage; and his own bodily experience as a participant-observer.
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