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Document Type(s):Journal Article
Article/Chapter Title:Drawing Pictures in the Dust: Rajasthani Children's Landscapes
Journal Title:Childhood
Editor(s):Stephens, Sharon
Author(s):Gold, Ann Grodzins; Gujar, Bhoju Ram
Date of Publication:1994
Annotation:Co-authored by a Western anthropologist and a native Rajasthani school-teacher, this article combines excerpts from interviews, songs, and stories with interpretation and background information that examines the real and imagined ways that children interact with their natural surroundings in a rapidly changing environment. The essay is organized into three parts: methods and sources; the historical, cultural, and natural setting of Rajasthan; and quotations from the children themselves. The authors conclude that views of both humans and landscapes are “forged in childhood” and that a notable continuity of knowledge exists despite drastic environmental and social change.
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