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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Folk, Faith and Feudalism
Article/Chapter Title:Of Gods, Trees, and Boundaries: Divine Conservation in Rajasthan
Editor(s):Singhi, N K; Joshi, Rajendra
Author(s):Gold, Ann Grodzins
Publisher Name:Rawat Publications
Place of Publication:Jaipur
Date of Publication:1995
Annotation:Motivated by the observation that the domains of deities in Rajasthan are notably lush and beautiful compared to the landscape surrounding them, Gold and Gujar explore the relationship between humans, nature, and the divine in order to understand “why and how” Rajasthani deities protect nature. After discussing divine territoriality and conservation in Hinduism, they present eight stories collected during fieldwork in which deities protect their domains from exploitation and harm. The authors conclude with a consideration of the implications these beliefs and stories may have for our contemporary environmental context.
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