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Document Type(s):Book
Book Title:The Consequences of Modernity
Author(s):Giddens, Anthony
Publisher Name:Princeton University Press
Place of Publication:Princeton, N.J.
Date of Publication:1990
Annotation:Contrary to characterizations of the contemporary era as postmodern, Giddens argues that we are currently living in an advanced stage of modernity, “high modernity,” in which the institutions and consequences of modernity have been “radicalized” and “universalized” instead of transformed or surpassed. He highlights both positive and negative aspects of its “globalizing” and “future-oriented” nature and concludes that a truly postmodern order is possible in the future. Calling for a global response to the ecological consequences of modernity that are themselves global in scope, he espouses a model of “utopian realism” as a way to help develop realistic, “future-oriented projects.”
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