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Document Type(s):Journal Article
Article/Chapter Title:India's Tirthas: 'Crossings' in Sacred Geography
Journal Title:History of Religions
Author(s):Eck, Diana L
Date of Publication:1981
Annotation:In this study of one of the oldest and currently popular forms of Hindu piety, Eck examines the notion of tirtha, a “crossing place” or “ford” across rivers, social categories, life stages, or worlds. Interpreting tirtha as part of the “locative” or place-based strand of Hinduism, she traces the various meanings of the term in indigenous piety, Vedic sacrificial and Upanishadic wisdom traditions, and in the sacred geography of India, in which “tirthas of the earth” include rivers, mountains, seashores, forests, cities, and sites that are considered sacred to diverse sects.
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