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Document Type(s):Book
Book Title:Banaras: City of Light
Author(s):Eck, Diana L
Publisher Name:Knopf, Inc.
Place of Publication:New York, N.Y.
Date of Publication:1982
Annotation:This comprehensive study of the sacred city of Banaras is based on Eck’s experiences there and on her analysis of Sanskrit texts, including praise literature, myths, ritual literature, and geographical descriptions of the city. According to Eck, describing the city from various perspectives (e.g., historical, geographic, artistic, religious, relational) provides a sense of its multivalency. Ecological themes emerge in Eck’s discussion of the mythical origins of Banaras as a forest paradise, the tradition of forest hermitages around the city, the Ganges and the “archetype of sacred waters,” and the belief that all creatures, not only humans, attain liberation in Banaras.
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