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Document Type(s):Journal Article
Article/Chapter Title:Devout Hindus Resist Efforts to Clean up the Sacred Ganges
Newspaper Title:The Washington Post
Author(s):Clairborne, William
Date of Publication:1983
Issue:8 May
Pages:18-19 (A)
Annotation:In their joint struggle to reduce the high pollution rates of the Ganges, Veer Bhahra Mishra, Hindu priest and professor of hydraulic engineering, and the American based Friends of the Ganges Fund hope to turn the greatest obstacle to their efforts into their greatest asset: belief in the river’s sacred purity. Although devout Hindus have resisted efforts to curb pollution based on their belief that its waters are purifying, their devotion to the Ganges represents its greatest hope, for they also consider polluting the sacred river to be sacrilegious.
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