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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Ethical Perspectives
Article/Chapter Title:The Hindu Understanding of Population and Population Control
Editor(s):James, George A
Author(s):Chandrasekhar, Sripati
Publisher Name:A.P.H. Publishing Corporation
Place of Publication:New Delhi
Date of Publication:1999
Annotation:Surveying the Hindu tradition in order to present “the Hindu view of population control,” Chandrasekhar writes that the concept of birth control dates back to the Upanisads, although scientific and reliable methods emerged only in the twentieth century. Finding evidence to support both sides of the contemporary debate about population control, the author discusses the Hindu view of marriage, the cultural desire for sons, the ideal of abstinence, scriptural injunctions and customs governing reproduction, and conflicting views on abortion. After considering different perspectives on the sanctity of life, Chandrasekhar explains why contraception and abortion are legitimate in the Hindu view.
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