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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Krishna Consciousness in the West
Article/Chapter Title:A Unique Conjecture: The Incorporation of ISKON in Vrindaban
Editor(s):Bromley, David G; Shinn, Larry D
Author(s):Brooks, Charles R
Publisher Name:Bucknell University Press
Place of Publication:Lewisburg, Pa.
Date of Publication:1989
Annotation:Based on anthropological fieldwork conducted between 1981–1982, Brooks considers the relationship between American and Indian Krishna devotees in the pilgrimage center of Vrindaban. He explains how the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has attained a significant and permanent place in Vrindaban since the 1970s and concludes that for both Indian and foreign devotees, Vrindaban is simultaneously both a terrestrial and a celestial location. He reports that the majority of residents “see the physical surroundings, plants, animals, and people as part of the Holy Dhama” (p 168) and describes the efforts of a local organization to return Vrindaban to its “original state” as a wild forest.
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