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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Desertification and Development: Dryland Ecology in Social Perspective
Article/Chapter Title:Notes on the Experience of Drought: Perception, Recollection, and Prediction
Editor(s):Spooner, Brian; Mann, H S
Author(s):Bharara, L P
Publisher Name:Academic Press
Place of Publication:London
Date of Publication:1982
Annotation:Hoping to contribute to the “ethnoscience of droughts,” Bharara examines selected villages in Rajasthan, where drought is a recurrent, “pathological condition.” Based on his own fieldwork conducted in 1977, this exploration consists of participant observation, interviews, and information gathered on oral traditions, beliefs, and values. This article contains empirical data in chart format as well as selections of Rajasthani drought lore and the author’s own observations and interpretations. Bharara proposes that Rajasthani drought lore be taken seriously as an alternative and supplementary form of knowledge alongside science and technology.
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