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Document Type(s):Book
Book Title:The Location of Culture
Author(s):Bhabha, Homi K
Publisher Name:Routledge
Place of Publication:New York, N.Y.
Date of Publication:1994
Annotation:Bridging cultural studies and literary theory, Bhabha draws on a broad array of literature from around the globe and on theoretical debates about identity, community, nationality, postcolonialism, and postmodernity to argue that identity is constituted and negotiated in interstitial “domains of difference.” Depicting the liminal space in which identity is constructed as a creative opening for resistance and change, Bhabha suggests that the postmodern condition is to “dwell ‘in the beyond’” and “to be part of a revisionary time” (p 7). Understanding signification to be one of the primary means by which human beings seek to transform conditions and history, he argues that art and literature translate modernity by renewing the past in order to interrupt the performance of the present.
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