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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Ethics of Environment and Development: Global Challenge and International Response
Article/Chapter Title:Islamic environmental ethic, law, and society
Editor(s):Engel, J. Ronald; Engel, Joan Gibb
Author(s):Izzi Deen, Mawil Y.
Publisher Name:University of Arizona Press
Place of Publication:Tucson, Ariz.
Date of Publication:1990
Annotation:Izzi Deen illustrates an environmental strategy found within the relationship between Islamic ethics and law. After giving eight reasons for protecting the environment, he discusses the traditional Islamic land and resource management practices of hima and harim. He concludes by stressing that humankind is a “maintainer” and not an “owner” of creation and by urging that environmental education be offered with attention to both science and Islamic belief.
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