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Document Type(s):Book
Book Title:Islamic Environmental Systems Engineering
Author(s):Husaini, S. Waqar Ahmad
ISBN (pbk):0333261390
Publisher Name:Macmillan
Place of Publication:London
Date of Publication:1980
Annotation:Husaini provides a brief background on the role of revelation and reason in the Qur’an linking each with systems of personal and social ethics as well as with shari’a (revealed) and fiqh (substantive) law. He proceeds to focus in detail on the relationship of environmental engineering systems planning with Islamic philosophy of knowledge and education, jurisprudence, state and comparative politics, and welfare economics. Husaini concludes by evaluating the possibility of a socio-cultural rejuvenation of developing Muslim countries with regard to primary values found in shari’a and secondary values provided by fiqh, thereby suggesting that a humanistic-social science component derived from an Islamic ideological perspective be included in engineering education.
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