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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Ethical Perspectives on Environmental Issues in India
Article/Chapter Title:Human-Nature Interactions in a Third World Country
Editor(s):James, George
Author(s):Agarwal, Anil
Publisher Name:A.P.H. Publishing Corporation
Place of Publication:New Delhi
Date of Publication:1999
Annotation:Pointing out that environmental sustainability has joined equity and growth as one of the major political concerns of Third World countries, Agarwal presents an analysis of social and ecological problems from a Third World perspective and offers proposals for sustainable development. Writing that “it is the so-called educated people who need environmental education more than anyone else” (p 32), the author emphasizes the socio-economic disparities underlying environmental destruction and makes specific recommendations for achieving sustainability: revaluing land and natural resources as common property, reviving traditional values and beliefs that display a respect for nature, and generating a sustainable approach to urban development.
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