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Document Type(s):Book
Book Title:The Green Archipelago: Forestry in Pre-Industrial Japan
Author(s):Totman, Conrad
Publisher Name:University of California Press
Place of Publication:Berkeley, Calif.
Date of Publication:1989
Annotation:Totman provides a comprehensive history of the last 2500 years of Japanese forestry while primarily focusing on the medieval to contemporary period. He describes the first phase of deforestation as the result of agricultural expansion which was followed by a second phase caused by high demand for wood products. Totman then describes the afforestation programs that began in the Tokugawa Period and developed throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Though these practices were based on a Confucian ethic of conservation, he concludes that the driving motivation behind these practices was the well-being of the household and/or community and the simultaneous economic and social benefits for government and other landholders.
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