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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Asian Perceptions of Nature: A Critical Approach
Article/Chapter Title:Nature, Religion and Cultural Identity: The Religious Environmentalist Paradigm
Editor(s):Kalland, Arne
Author(s):Pedersen, Poul
Publisher Name:Curzon Press
Place of Publication:Surrey
Date of Publication:1995
Issue:no. 18
Annotation:After coining the term “religious environmental paradigm,” Pederson traces its paradigmatic roots to Lynn White Jr.’s seminal article (1967) and follows three cultural responses to it by Tibetan Buddhist Karma Gelek Yuthok, Indian Hindu O. P. Dwivedi, and Arabian Muslim Mawil Y. Izzi Deen. Pederson critiques their arguments and assumptions about both their traditional religious values and the contemporary environmental movement as being too simplistic. He demonstrates that for all three authors, the underlying motivation in creating an ecological cultural identity lies within a broader postcolonial framework which attempts to clearly distinguish these traditions from various Western ideologies.
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