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Document Type(s):Journal Article
Article/Chapter Title:Green Orientalism
Journal Title:The Ecologist
Author(s):Lohmann, Larry
Date of Publication:1993
Issue:no. 6 (December)
Annotation:Grounding his argument with an introduction on orientalism and notions of international and local imbalances of power, Lohman describes how Western environmentalists replicate orientalist “cannibalistic logic” by mining other cultural traditions for resources that potentially address Western problems and difficulties. Lohman notes that cultural conceptions (e.g., of the wild, images of nature) can vary across cultures, and he recognizes that telling stories about other people becomes a political act. Urging solidarity, Lohman suggests that in the debate on Green Orientalism, we should choose to draw from anti-racist, feminist, and anti-imperialist popular movements.
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