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Document Type(s):Journal Article
Article/Chapter Title:A quelles conditions un ascetisme environmentaliste peut-il reussir
Journal Title:La nature en politique, ou l'enjeu philosophique de l'ecologie
Editor(s):Bourg, Dominique
Author(s):Douglas, Mary Quelles A
Translator(s):Muller, Barbara
Publisher Name:L'Harmattan Publishers
Place of Publication:Paris
Date of Publication:1993
Annotation:Drawing on her knowledge of anthropology and political activism, Douglas observes that the community most likely to influence the government is paradoxically less disposed to protest governmental policies. Furthermore, she notes how this is related to the vicious circle of overpopulation, poverty, and environmental destruction. Wary of movements of power, Douglas examines various ascetic practices as a potential framework for modern environmental justice movements while continually questioning if adopting this kind of a framework would serve activist purposes.
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