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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Sediments of Time: Environment and Society in Chinese History
Article/Chapter Title:Ecologism Versus Moralism: Conceptions of Nature in some Literary texts of Ming-Qing Times
Editor(s):Ts’ui-jung, Liu
Author(s):Santangelo, Paolo
Publisher Name:Cambridge University Press
Place of Publication:Cambridge
Date of Publication:1998
Annotation:In an effort to understand the view of nature at the time, Santangelo analyzes literary works of the Ming-Qing Period. He describes two complementary ways of interpreting nature, first as metaphor expressing emotions and, second as an opportunity for aesthetic and/or religious contemplation. Providing excerpts from a variety of texts, he discusses topics such as the concept of unity and personal perfection, hostile “wilderness,” Daoist simplicity and Confucian social behavior, and gardens and flowers in novels.
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