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Document Type(s):Journal Article
Article/Chapter Title:Tao How? Asian Religions and the Problem of Environmental Degradation
Journal Title:ReVision
Author(s):Novak, Philip
Date of Publication:1993
Date of Copyright:1985
Annotation:A reflective response to Huston Smith’s 1972 article, “Tao Now,” which advocated seeking guidance from the Taoist tradition in order to alter Western attitudes and perceptions of the environment, Novak utilizes China and India as examples in order to argue that positive environmental activities in these countries do not necessarily establish a direct correlation between good stewardship and religious belief. Providing a brief overview of the Upanishadic tradition, Chinese and Indian language and philosophical styles, Chinese religious thought regarding the environment, and contemporary ecological realities such as deforestation and pollution, Novak concludes by championing Thomas Berry’s call to create a New Story that universally addresses our collective need to protect the environment.
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