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Document Type(s):Book Chapter
Book Title:Ecofeminism: Women, Animals, Nature
Article/Chapter Title:A Cross Cultural Critique of Ecofeminism
Editor(s):Gaard, Greta
Author(s):Li, Huey-li
Publisher Name:Temple University Press
Place of Publication:Philadelphia, Pa.
Date of Publication:1993
Annotation:Arguing that the association of women and nature is not a transhistorical and transcultural phenomenon, Li disagrees with popular feminist perspectives that directly relate the human exploitation of nature with sex and gender differences. She specifically argues against ideas presented by Rosemary Radford Ruether, Carolyn Merchant, and Elizabeth Dodson Gray, stating that Chinese misogyny coexisted with an organic worldview. Asserting that sex and gender roles are constructed by both women and men, Li concludes her argument by expanding the theoretical boundaries ecofeminist concerns to include exploitation and oppression of all kinds.
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