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The Forum on Religion and Ecology is dedicated to providing resource listings for pedagogical purposes. This resource list suggests films and videos that may be utilized in classroom situations. The list is not exhaustive of all materials on the topic and the Forum on Religion and Ecology does not endorse any of the films, videos, and corporations listed below. The list is to be utilized as a possible resource listing for teachers who are looking for supplementary materials for their courses.


Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Self
Naturally Attracted: Connecting with Michael J. Cohen
Toward and Ecopsychology

Title Eco-alienation (April 5, 1995)
Series Visions of the 21st Century Speaker Series, 1995
Publisher Arcata, Calif.: Humboldt State University Media Services, 1995(?)
Credits A Humboldt State University Media Services Production.

Others responsible for the production of this video include:
Albert Bergesen
Format VHS
Length 72 minutes
Abstract A video of a public lecture at Humboldt State University that focuses on the environmental crisis, environmental ethics, and the social implications of globalization. Combining social theory and deep ecology, the term “eco-alienation” is used to refer to our alienation from our deeper ecological selves and is compared to various other historical types of alienation: religious, social, and existential.
Title Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Self
Series None Listed
Publisher Palo Alto, Calif.: Foundation for Global Community, 1995
Credits A Baylands Productions release.

Others responsible for the production of this video include:
Theodore Roszak
Sarah Conn
Carl Anthony
Format VHS; study guide
Length 26 minutes

Exploring the relationship between ecology and psychology, this video suggests that many of our social and psychological problems, such as isolation and dysfunctionality, stem from the refusal to acknowledge our fundamental connectedness to the rest of the human/nonhuman world. Realizing this essential connectedness is crucial for healing.


Title Naturally Attracted: Connecting with Michael J. Cohen
Series None Listed

Concrete, WA: Project NatureConnect, 2007

Credits a film by Charley Scull
Format DVD
Length 43 minutes, plus special features

This is a documentary film about the life of ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, a pioneer of environmental education, the creator of organic psychology, and the founder of Project NatureConnect.

Title Toward an Eco-psychology
Secondary Titles

Thinking Allowed (Television Program)

Series None Listed
Publisher Berkeley, Calif.: Thinking Allowed Productions, 1992
Credits Producer, Director: Arthur Bloch
Music: Josef Marc
Format VHS
Length 90 minutes
Abstract Discussing his book, The Voice of the Earth, Theodore Roszak expands on the principles of eco-psychology with Jeffrey Mishlove. The two doctors examine and extend Freud’s theory of humanity’s connection to nature and suggest that the human psyche, and human behavior in general, are related to nature and to the wider universe. They also reflect on the implications of this connection for humans and the practice of psychology in urban settings.