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Seminar on Global Warming (Schaefer)

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Course Title

Seminar on Global Warming

Instructor(s) Jame Schaefer
Marquette University

Arts & Science Colloquium

Subject(s) Ethics, Global Warming

Open to students seeking minors in Environmental Ethics and Ethics, this seminar will (1) explore the latest available data on ecological, economic, geographical, health, political, and social effects of climate change due to global warming, (2) reflect philosophically and theologically on those effects, and (3) develop an ethical response following the principle of subsidiarity on how present humans should act to mitigate the adverse effects of global warming. To gather information about pertinent issues, students will study the latest data on global warming indicators, learn from faculty who teach courses required for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Environmental Ethics how their disciplines address this phenomenon, gain insights from governmental officials and representatives of key sectors who are investigating and responding to global warming indicators, and research major dimensions of the real and projected effects. After drafting research findings and sharing them in class, students will collaborate in identifying the ethical issues pertaining to global warming, theological and philosophical resources that can ground a response, and principles that should guide human behavior from personal to international levels of activity.


See PDF here.