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Religious Studies in Secondary Schools (RSISS)

Religious Studies in Secondary Schools (RSISS) is a growing coalition of public and private secondary school teachers committed to the idea that education is not complete without the academic study of the world's religious traditons and the ethical values, literatures, and cultures so inextricably linked to them.

RSISS believes that iIncreasingly in both private and public (e.g., world history classes) school settings, students are being introduced to basic religious ideas, teachings, personalities, and practices of the world’s religions. As teachers become familiar with the contemporary, living character of religions, it is apparent that these diverse traditions also struggle to address major contemporary issues. One urgent concern central to the world’s religions is the broad spectrum of socially and environmentally related problems. Embedded within many of these diverse religious traditions are important perspectives on human-earth relations that have been transmitted to people in various cultures throughout the centuries. Secondary school teachers play a big part in helping students to understand how various cultures are embedded in and effected by various religious systems.

Each summer, RSISS offers a workshop on religion and ecology for secondary school teachers. For more information check our archived events section and/or the RSISS website.