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Programs on Religion and Ecology

Academic Degree Programs in Religion and Ecology

Ph.D. Specialization in Religion and Nature
Department of Religion
University of Florida

The Ph.D. specialization in Religion and Nature at the University of Florida, is a multidisciplinary program based in the Department of Religion that utilizes faculty and resources from across the University. This program responds to the urgent need to investigate attitudes and values that have permitted the proliferation and global expansion of the environmental crisis. The multidisciplinary approach of this program serves as a basis for making choices and decisions that seek to address our twenty-first century global challenge.

As the long and diverse roster of faculty affiliates of the interdisciplinary College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) attests, there is a rich array of faculty at the University of Florida already engaged in environmentally based teaching and research projects. In contrast to environmental studies programs that tend to be science-based, the new Ph.D. program in Religion and Nature in the Department of Religion at the University of Florida addresses the environment from the standpoint of culture and human values prepares students to teach in secondary fields such as Religions in the Americas or Religions of Asia.

University of Florida professors involved in the program include:


Scholar Department
Jeff Burkhardt Department of Agriculture
Alyson Flournoy Department of Environmental Law
Richard Foltz Department of Religion
Stephen Golant Department of Geography
Richard Haynes Department of Philosophy
Richard Hiers Department of Religion
Marilyn Holly Department of Philosophy
Martha Monroe Department of Forestry
Vasudha Narayanan Department of Religion
Anthony Oliver-Smith Department of Anthropology
Stephen Perz Department of Sociology
Anna Peterson Department of Religion
Ken Sassaman Department of Anthropology
Marianne Schmink Department of Anthropology
Anthony Rosenbaum Department of Political Science
Sandra Russo Department of Women's Studies
Leslie Thiele Department of Political Science
Bron Taylor Department of Religion
Barbara Zsembik Department of Sociology

The Ph.D. specialization in Religion and Nature at the University of Florida illustrates our commitment to cutting-edge educational training at the vanguard of what promises to be one of the most vital fields of inquiry in the twenty-first century.

Further information check the program website or contact the graduate coordinator, Dr. Anna Peterson.