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World Will Warm Faster Than Predicted in Next Five Years

From 2009 to 2014, projected rises in anthropogenic influences and solar irradiance will increase global surface temperature 0.15 (+/-.03) degrees Celsius, a rate 50% greater than predicted by the IPCC, according to a study published August 15, 2009 in Geophysical Research Letters.  The study refutes recent claims by climate skeptics that "global warming has taken a break," based on cherry-picked data noting a leveling off of temperatures since 1998, the hottest year on record.

Abstract: "How will Earth's surface temperature change in future decades?" http://www.agu.org/pubs/crossref/2009/2009GL038932.shtml

Article: World will warm faster than predicted in next five years, study warns

Analysis from RealClimate.org (with chart and animated graph) http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2009/10/a-warming-pause/