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Call for Possible Contributors to an edited volume The Changing World Religion Map


I am editing a book, to be published by Springer, entitled The Changing World Religion Map, which will contain chapters on cutting-edge topics for those in the social sciences and humanities who study religion and culture, society, and politics.  The book will be international in themes and authors, interdisciplinary and also interfaith.  There are several major themes, including globalization, new diasporas, virtual religion as well as religion and education, the environment, gender, the media, geopolitics and law.  It is my hope that this multivolume book will be used as a major reference source for the coming decade by those in colleges, universities and seminaries around the world. 

If anyone is interested in contributing, please contact me.  I have a good number of authors already identified.  Chapters I am specifically looking for include the following: religion and social media, investments by churches, religious TV and radio networks (in US or any region), religion and fashion,  church properties, organizations that help victims of AIDS and human trafficking, religions/linguistic “islands,” relict/endangered religious groups, the history of black religious colleges in the US, the national or international tours of some  religious music group, and the exhibition tours of some religions art project. Chapters would be about 5-7000 words, although I have some a bit longer.  Deadline would be early to mid-June. I look forward to hearing from those with an interest in contributing.


Stan Brunn

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