Wild Ways: Corridors of Life (Film Launch on PBS)

April 20, 2016 at 9pm on most PBS Stations

Wild Ways: Corridors of Life is an important and inspiring film that will soon premiere across the nation on PBS’s prestigious science series, NOVA. The film focuses on an exciting new approach to protecting the world's glorious biodiversity as it examines our human species' most fundamental relationship with the entire web of Creation.  

When our own film Renewal was first released in 2008 at Yale’s Forum on Religion and Ecology, the voices of diverse faith groups taking action for the earth were just starting to be heard for the first time.

As documentary filmmakers, we were blessed to introduce people of many faiths who were stepping forward to speak and act on the moral role that humans have to play in addressing the daunting environmental concerns of our era.

Giving voice to the voiceless in a quest to build a more sustainable future — we were fortunate to capture that in much of Renewal.

But as the forces of development and climate change continue to overtake our world — beyond our focus on the human — what is happening to other species of Creation that are powerless to speak for themselves? What are our responsibilities to them?

I think you’ll be surprised, moved and inspired to discover how Creation care is being implemented on behalf of endangered species in the new documentary, Wild Ways: Corridors of Life.  

I’m proud to introduce you to this powerful new documentary, produced by filmmaker colleagues Linda Harrar and James Brundige — to be broadcast close to Earth Day.

Through stunning cinematography, Wild Ways: Corridors of Life, reveals how some of the world’s most beloved species – lions, bears, antelope and elephants – can be saved from death-trap destruction as millions of animals try to cross the perilous contrivances of modern man-made highways. Wildlife the world over need to roam for breeding, foraging, and to carry out their traditional migrations – but they are often blocked by ranches, farms, roads and other human-made obstacles.

Now comes new hope for wildlife through an approach called “connectivity conservation.”  For the first time, you’ll see people fighting to preserve endangered species by linking the world’s wildlife refuges with tunnels, overpasses and protected land corridors.  Humans using innovative techniques to save God’s creatures.

From Yellowstone to the Yukon, to Southern Africa’s elephant highways stretching across five nations, you’ll witness how newly established wildlife corridors offer hope to some of Creation's most cherished – but endangered – species.

Please share this email with others in your Creation Care communities and be sure to tune in, be inspired and enjoy Wild Ways: Corridors of Life — on April 20, 2016 at 9 pm on most PBS Stations.   

Since Renewal was released, but a few years ago, the religious-environmental movement has become an ever more powerful force in American life. We hope this new effort to preserve endangered species will follow a similar path.

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