What’s Next?  Planetary Mind and the Future (Webinar with Brian Swimme)

February 18, 2020 (7:00 PM EST)

What is the Universe up to Now? We live in a universe that is continually constructing itself, first as primordial energy, then as atoms, then as galaxies and stars, then as trillions upon trillions of planets, then as life forms, at least on Earth. For all we know, this sequence is taking place throughout the universe.

The discovery that we live in such an evolving universe is the greatest modern science has to offer. Far more significant than either quantum physics or Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. Before this discovery we imagined the universe had a fixed structure. But it’s far more dynamic than that. We have moved from thinking we live in a cosmos to knowing we live in a cosmogenesis. In what Thomas Berry called, a “time-developmental universe.”

If we do live in a cosmogenesis, the only question worth asking is: “What’s next?” Read more and register for this free webinar offered on the Deeptime Network . . . . .

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