To Survive or Thrive? The Future of Environmental PR and Communications

The Interfaith Consortium for Ecological Civilization
The Temple of Understanding

Science, Ecology and Faith Series

Simon Cohen, Founder of
Global Tolerance: Communications with Conscience


The Future of Environmental PR and Communications

January 30, 2013
1-2:30 pm
The Church Center for the United Nations, 10th Floor
777 UN Plaza / 777 First Avenue at 44th Street
New York, NY 10017

Global Tolerance is a leading international communications agency that only works with people committed to positive social change. Founder and Managing Director Simon Cohen will offer insights into the role of PR and media communications in social change efforts, particularly concerning the environmental crisis. Global Tolerance has worked extensively fostering interfaith understanding, and only does “communications with conscience.” He will address questions such as:

What are the prevailing models for communicating the environmental crisis and are they working? Is the concept of crisis even helpful?
What are the roles of media and PR in avoiding or addressing the environmental crisis?
What unique roles do faith and interfaith communities have?
What new communication models are needed for promoting environmental change?
What media strategies are there for promoting public awareness, including obstacles and potential tipping points?

Hosted by ICEC, this speaker series focuses on climate change and sustainable development and the important role of the interfaith community as a catalyst for change.