The Yamuna River: A Paradox of Pollution and Purification


A lecture by Professor John A. Grim

Friday, October 19

Princeton University
Lewis Library, rm. 138

Professor John A. Grim (visiting Barron Professor at the Princeton Environmental Institute, and Coordinator of the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale University) will deliver an academic presentation on the current state of India's Yamuna River -- a significant source of water upon which 60 million people depend, and a particularly sacred, holy site for Hindus -- in the context of both its religious significance and the ecological crisis it currently faces. He will explore the complexities and competing interests at play, describe the concerted efforts to clean up the Yamuna, and will suggest one way of engaging the apparent paradox of pollution and purification, drawing on his pioneering work in the newly emerging field of religion and ecology.

All are welcome. A light tea reception follows the talk.

Co-sponsored by the Office of Religious Life Hindu Life Program, the Princeton Environmental Initiative, the Anthropology Department, and the South Asian Studies Program