Spiritual Leadership, a New Consciousness, and a World in Crisis (online study group)

Online Study Group with Toni Nash, CSJ

Session Dates: 7:00 PM EST on March 21, 28; April 4,11,18; and May 2, 9

What is spiritual leadership today?  Don’t we have to update our own understanding of the universe first?  Most leaders today learned spirituality based on perceptions of the universe from at least 50 – 100 years ago, when there was still a sharp divide between the sacred and the profane.   

What changes as we recognize the connections between the ongoing activity of creation – cosmogenesis – and the crises threatening our world?  How might our public witness change if we lived our spiritual commitment, our religious vows, within an understanding of a sacred universe?  How do new insights about the universe challenge our life and ministry?

Join Toni Nash, CSJ for this seven-session study group based on her PhD Dissertation, Cosmological Commitment in a Time of Planetary Crisis.  Sessions will be Zoom meetings in which participants meet and engage with each to apply our learnings to the challenges we face in today’s conflicted world.