Pilgrimage for Earth: From Loss to Hope

June 26-29, 2014

Be a Pilgrim for Earth to participate in healing the Earth community through undertaking a sacred journey – a pilgrimage – from loss to hope.

In a time when climate change, mass extinction, and other environmental crises threaten people and other forms of life, Pilgrimage for Earth enacts the healing of the world through liturgy.

In the original Greek, liturgy means “the public work” – communal action that both ritually and practically transforms and heals participants and the world. Through experiences including tree planting, mourning, preparing to act, and celebrating the hope and promise of new life, the pilgrims will transform their relationship with Earth and cultivate an active spiritual discipline of environmental stewardship.

Rooted in the Christian tradition of death and rebirth as exemplified in Easter – itself a transformation of loss into hope – the Pilgrimage welcomes people of all faiths and traditions. 

With multiple events over four days in New Hampshire and Vermont, participants may join the entire Pilgrimage or individual events; the transformative power will increase with attending more events and will be greatest for those who undertake the entire journey.

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