Heaven and Earth

Workshop with Dan McKanan, Steffen Schneider & Claus Sproll

April 7-8, 2018

Hawthorne Valley Association
327 County Route 21C
Ghent, NY, USA

Are farms the places where heaven meets earth? In this workshop, Professor Dan McKanan of Harvard Divinity School, Steffen Schneider, Director Emeritus of Farm Operations at Hawthorne Valley Farm, and Senior Director of The Institute for Mindful Agriculture, and Claus Sproll, Program Director, AdminInstitute will follow diverse spiritual communities as they go back to the land—by creating church and school gardens, establishing ecovillages, celebrating the sacraments with the four elements, practicing carbon farming, and participating in the global food sovereignty movement. Dan will trace the spiritual history of organic agriculture, identifying the spiritual teachings of Rudolf Steiner as one seed of the movement and highlighting the ways practitioners of many spiritual paths have collaborated since the very beginning. Hands-on sessions with farmers and gardeners will intro-duce participants to farming practices that reach everyone who eats can and should be part of a farm community. This workshop will show you how.


Dan McKanan, the Senior Lecturer at Harvard Divinity School focuses his research on religious movements for social transformation in the United States. His newest book, Eco-Alchemy: Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and the Environmental Movement, has been published by the University of California Press. Steffen Schneider, Senior Director of The Institute for Mindful Agriculture at Hawthorne Valley and Director Emeritus of Farm Operations, has been a Biodynamic practitioner since 1983, He has given workshops at numerous conferences and also teaches the Biodynamic Course at the Pfeiffer Center in Spring Valley, New York.