From Business to Climate: A Personal Journey


A talk by Tom Steyer

The 2015 Snead Lecture

Friday, November 6, 2015
10:00–11:15 am

Yale University
Linsly Chittenden 102
63 High Street
New Haven, CT, USA

Tom is a California business leader, philanthropist and clean energy advocate. He is actively engaged in climate politics, and works to promote economic development and environmental protection in California and across the country. Tom and his wife, Kat Taylor, joined Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates and other high-wealth Americans in the “Giving Pledge,” a promise to donate the majority of their wealth to charitable and nonprofit activities during their lifetimes.

Hosted by the Episcopal Church at Yale
In collaboration with Berkeley Divinity School, the Chaplain’s Office,
the St. Thomas More Center, the Slifka Center for Jewish Life,
the Muslim Community at Yale, Luther House, and
the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology

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