Food, Glorious Food: The Eucharist & Your Foodshed


June 18-24, 2012

Ghost Ranch
Abiquiu, NM, USA

Food, Glorious Food is part of a ten-year commitment on the part of Ghost Ranch to "Earth-Honoring Faith: A Song of Songs." The goal of the series is to construct justice-centered, Earth-Honoring, christianities that promote interfaith efforts on common earth issues.

Glorious food—sacrament, commodity, both or neither? If most of us do not produce our own food, what is our relationship to the food web and our foodshed? If being at table is a core sacrament for most religions, as it is for the Christian Eucharist, what is its relationship to the foodshed? Is there a Eucharistic vision of the natural world that intersects agribusiness? What does Eucharist mean if God is a gardener, we are tillers and keepers and the world is hungry? Norman Wirzba’s newest book, Food and Faith, will be the anchor book for the week.

Norman Wirzba teaches theology, ecology and rural studies at The Duke Divinity School of Duke University. Melanie Harris teaches Christian Social Ethics, Womanist Ethics, African American Spirituality and Ecospirituality at Texas Christian University. Janet Walton is professor of Worship and the Arts, Union Theological Seminary, New York.

Larry Rasmussen is Reinhold Niebuhr Professor Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary. He is the organizer of Ghost Ranch’s decade project on Earth-Honoring Faith.

Troy Messenger is director of worship at Union Theological Seminary, New York.

Jay Harris is a culinary expert at the Art Institute of Colorado.

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