Educating in the Ecozoic

2017 Global Symposium: An exploratory online dialogue with 17 Earth-conscious pioneers over 17 days

Inspiring Hope for Teaching and Learning in a Sustainable World

January 21 – February 7, 2017

TIES has been a pioneer in dialogue-based online education since 1993.

The conference-symposium recognizes the contributions of many who share the vision for a sustainable planet. In particular, we recognize the contributions of 20th century mystics, Maria Montessori and Thomas Berry. Thomas Berry’s call for a New Earth Community and Maria Montessori’s vision for the New Human, both emanate from the belief that education is the only reliable way forward to change the current paradigm.

During this 17-day event, presenters share their ideas on how to nurture the seeds for an Earth recovery. The possibilities are here; our actions today will create the future tomorrow.