Eco Ritual Lab Community Summit

Sunday, April 26, 2015, 4-7 PM

Hebrew College (160 Herrick Rd, Newton, MA; Newton Centre T)

Please join us for this special hands-on program integrating earth-centered ritual at life cycle moments. We need your presence and creativity to make it a success!


4:00 PM Opening Program

4:15 Featured Speaker: Rabbi Dr. Vanessa L. Ochs

5:00 RITUAL LAB: Chose 1-2 Lifecycle-themed Workshops

-       New Beginnings (birth, coming out, starting school, new home, new love)

-       On the Journey (b’nai mitzvah, graduation, healing & transformation)

-       Committing to Partnership & Community (wedding, eco-commitments)

-       Endings, Death & Mourning (divorce, break-ups, loss, grief)

6:15 Dinner and Learning with Rabbi Ebn Leader

6:45 Closing and Birkat HaMazon

This one-time community event will help us launch an open-access Eco Ritual Resource Guide, due to be published on-line this summer. You can submit an earth-based ritual idea at: