Come Fast with Earth Quaker Action Team

Come Fast With EQAT

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Between March 14 and April 22, 2013 EQAT and friends will fast during the 40 days leading up to the PNC shareholder meeting on April 23. Come join us for a day, two days or more!


It takes millions of choices to create climate change. Like PNC Bank’s choice to loan millions to the largest mountaintop removal companies in the world.


Those companies blow up mountains. Devastate communities. They dump waste from the destroyed mountains into the rivers, polluting thousands of miles of streams. Then they sell that dirty coal, which burns and releases filthy pollutants into our air.


PNC can choose to stop its support of climate change. As a Quaker founded bank, we’re calling it back to its roots. As a first step, we’ve asked PNC to stop financing mountaintop removal.


But they need our help. Our pressure. Our voices. Our light shining on them.


Join EQAT for a day, two days, or more, during our 40 days of fasting. Check out our Fast page and FAQs for more information or sign up here.


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