Blessing of the Waters

September 20, 2012

Arch St. Methodist Church (near Philadelphia City Hall)
55 North Broad Street  Philadelphia, PA

4:50     Music begins
5:05     Dancers
5:12   Blow shofar  -- Lynne & Sharon
5:14     Welcome—Mordechai
5:16     Song— Rhetta Morgan

5:20     Ring Bell;  Silence
5:22     ML- Appreciation/ Blessings intro begin with praise
5:23     Lenape—Bluejay, the granddaughter of ChiefWhippoorwhill Thompson will be there to represent the Lenape Nation of PA.
5:28     ML - Turn to someone you don’t know...share blessings you receive or appreciation   you have for water        
5:31     Sister Nora….-- Offer a Catholic blessing
5:34     Mahan Rishi, Sikh
5:37     Pastor Elliot Waters-- offering from Episcopal tradition
5:40     ML Thank yous’ to everyone
5:42     In Praise of Water, O’Donohue--  intro    Sharon Kind

Facing Despair/pain          
5:44     Bell and Silence
5:46     Facing Despair - ML
            - Wendell Berry-- Coming Back to LIfe, Joanna Macy, 25 or 91
5:47     Rabbi Arthur Waskow chanting Aicha
5:50     Environmental justice, poverty, hunger, power issues-- -- Mordechai                
5:55    Health Consequences of fracking Iris Bloom
6:00     Lynne Iser- leading diads
6:04     Arthur – air pollution and breath
6:08     Wade in the Water- Rhetta

Hope and Action
6:11     Bell and Silence
6:13     Finding Hope/ Possibilities
            “Choose Life” Deut. 30:19      Mordechai
6:14     Active Hope/What gives you hope? (Turn to neighbor to share—only if time) -Lynne Iser
6:17     We are Water- Rev. Cheryl Pyrch—Summit Presbyterian Church       
6:19     Speaker about taking action—Rev Jesse Brown title
6:24        Blessings for Activists:
                (4 or 8 containers of water from Delaware in middle)
                Qi Gong- Sharon
               Activists approach water and then gather in center and receive blessing, then everyone think about commitment you want to make, share with person next to you, the approach the water, touch the water, sanctify your commitment...begin end, activists carry water to delaware
6:35     Song—Rhetta