American Teilhard Association Annual Meeting

May 16, 2015 

Union Theological Seminary
3041 Broadway at 121st St.
New York, NY, USA

Lunch: 12:00 p.m; Talk: 1:45 p.m.

John Haught will be speaking on: "Teilhard, Religion, and Big History: A Look Inside"

Running silently through the heart of matter from the earliest moments of the cosmic story, a vein of "subjectivity" has been in great measure inaccessible to objectifying science. So hidden is the interior dimension of the cosmos from public examination that scientists and philosophers with materialist leanings sometimes claim that it has no real existence at all. Leaving subjectivity out of their representations of the cosmos, however, they fail to tell us the whole story. They even leave out the most important part of it. So if the new exponents of "Big History" are serious about bringing deep coherence to their accounts of the cosmos and human existence they need to make room for a wider empiricism and a more comprehensive kind of understanding than the sciences have collectively provided. They need to develop a method of inquiry that connects the inner drama tightly to the outer narrative. What, then, do the emergence of intellectual, moral and (especially) religious subjectivity teach us about the universe? With the help of Teilhard (and several other major thinkers) this lecture will outline ways in which our telling the cosmic story can be enriched by a closer "look inside."

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