35th Annual Winter Solstice Celebration with Paul Winter

A Holiday Celebration on a Spectacular Scale

December 18-20, 2014

Cathedral of St. John the Divine
1047 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY

Winter Solstice is our contemporary take on ancient solstice rituals, when people came together during the longest night of the year to celebrate the turning point in the Earth’s journey around the sun, and the birth of a new year.

Now in its 35th year, this cross-cultural performance within the awe-inspiring space of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine has become one of New York’s favorite holiday events. This year’s Solstice promises to be a landmark in the show’s tradition of interweaving diverse performers of the world.

“For me, the solstice celebration is an ever-renewing thrill — whether watching the sun gong ascend 12 stories with its player to the vault of the Cathedral; or hearing the ‘tree of sounds’ as it slowly turns, reflecting a myriad of lights from its hundreds of bells, gongs and chimes. Please join us as we ‘bring home the sun’ and celebrate the birth of a new year.” - Paul Winter.

Winter Solstice Video Preview:
To give a taste of Solstice to those who haven't experienced it, and even to those who have, watch a 2-minute preview video at

Details of the Show:
Our 35th annual Winter Solstice Celebration, at New York's Cathedral of St. John the Divine, December 18, 19, and 20, will feature renowned Puerto Rican singer Danny Rivera, along with an ensemble of Puerto Rican musicians, who will collaborate with our 10-member Paul Winter Consort, gospel singer Theresa Thomason, and the 25 dancers and drummers of the Forces of Nature Dance Theatre. Revered as “the national voice of Puerto Rico,” Danny Rivera is beloved throughout the Spanish speaking world, and he is the only Puerto Rican to star at Carnegie Hall in four different decades (1979, 1989, 1999, 2010). Danny has also been an international voice for peace and social justice, and has been made an honorary citizen of the Dominican Republic.

Solstice Collection Download:
Once again, we are pleased to offer you our free Winter Solstice Collection album. It's become a tradition for us, that each year just before solstice, we put together the collection, and invite you to download it for free. Our intent is both to give a sampling of our musical lineup for this year's show, and to share the music we love. This year's collection is 10 tracks, 38 minutes long, with an emphasis on Puerto Rican songs by Danny Rivera, as well as pieces by the Paul Winter Consort and Theresa Thomason. All of these performers, along with the dancers and drummers of the Forces of Nature Dance Theatre will join us at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Dec. 18-20. We hope you'll enjoy the collection, and please share it with others. Listen & download at